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Artist: Peppermint Lines

May 11, 2020

Artist: Peppermint Lines

Mint is a self-taught Australian artist dreaming of and creating a world filled with magic, and alongside invoking a conscious awareness of Mother Earth and mental health both. Her style is fluid, shifting between traditional ink and digital design, from realism to illustrative with a witchy edge. 

Peppermint Lines, her trading name and also community, is a compilation of an adoration for botanicals and whimsy, elements of the universe and deep thought willing the onlookers to get “lost” within her wonderland and simply slow down; breathe deeply, relax the shoulders and allow the heart to fill with renewed light. It is a direct counter to the anxiety she experiences and openly speaks of with “Peppermint” being her favourite tea and “Lines” the pastime which best soothes her own soul. She works solely with mindful, ethical and environmentally conscious labels and individuals, advocating strongly for her values not just through speech and illustration but action. 

Mint is also an experienced swimming instructor, a professional makeup and special effects artist, and an avid lover of cats, lemons, sunshine and pizza. 


About the Design

“I am enough, you are enough.” 

This is a message for anyone who has ever felt that anxiety and doubted themselves. For anyone who has felt unworthy, less than perfect, never enough. On your good days, on your bad, when you’re happy, when you’re sad, you are still human and worthy of love and kindness not just from others but from yourself too. So, say it with me: “I am enough.” YOU are enough. 


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