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Artist: Tyger Powell

March 02, 2020

Artist: Tyger Powell

Tyger Powell is a recent college graduate and is currently a freelance illustrator. He makes collages and drawings for whoever knocks on his door, mainly specializing in album covers. He is a lanky young lad, standing at 6’4” and has skinny long legs that would make most supermodels jealous. He loves to read, play video games and spend quality time with his pals. He also loves to create and learn, and hopes that never stops. 

His piece, On the Other Side, represents his fight with depression and anxiety, and how he came out the other side. Especially during college, he would experience fits of hopelessness and dread. Tyger explains:

“My days would be consumed by my fear of reality. A lot of factors sent me into this state, I learned a lot about the effects that school can have in the mind. It can be very fast and spiral into an unhealthy mindset if you’re not careful. At times during this spell, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in my parents apartment building downtown because it was too high up. Death was on my mind a lot, and being that high up would remind me of how easy it would be to fall down. I spent many nights curled up and shivering, trying to not to think about falling. A lot of work came into me recovering, and I can credit a lot to being proactive and seeking help. I came out the other side unscathed, with a new appreciation for life. This is what is being depicted here, me rising above, stronger than ever, with a newfound sense of beauty for life.”

Instagram: @lizardsalt


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