12 Days of Cancer - Badly Preformed by Karla & Erin

December 20, 2018

12 Days of Cancer - Badly Preformed by Karla & Erin

Happy Holidays to everyone who is facing cancer or is helping someone through cancer, My stage 4 diagnosis this past October 2018 came as a total shock. My cancer is not curable so my goal is to learn to live with cancer and enjoy my life to its fullest. I have 4 awesome dogs, 1 husband, 1 son, 2 stepsons, an incredible family and network of friends.

While I have embarked on a rigorous medical treatment program, as well as gone organic, I have also embraced humor in my battle with cancer. As rumour has it humour is the best form of medicine and so I’m putting it to a real test!

With much love,

Karla xoxo

Please share with others facing cancer and need good laugh.

My new podcast called  My Boobs Are killing Me launching Jan. 15th.

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Karen Hartling
Karen Hartling

December 30, 2018

Karla – that was hilarious in a dark sort of way. Here is hoping you find the courage to fight the good fight and be victorious. Karen (fellow StJohn’s dog owner)

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