November 21, 2018


When you see someone who has cancer in the movies or whatever, you always hear about chemo and throwing up or hair falling out but there is all sorts of treatments and medications that are involved in managing pain and fighting the disease that can have all kinds of effects on your body.

One of the first and longest standing issues I have had since this journey began is with constipation. 

I have never talked about, thought about or done more things that centred around poop in my whole entire life. We have all become wannabe poop charmers trying to get it to just get the hell out of me.

Erin, one of my fabulous nurses even made me steamed prunes at home and brought them in for me.

But, you have to make it fun and still smile or it will drive you crazy. So you dance with a poo emoji and just get through it.

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Charmaine Smith
Charmaine Smith

November 26, 2018

Wow Miss Karla!
The things we take granted for as simple as not been able to do #2.
A friend of mind just reminded me that “Life is a gift”. So often we take it for granted but I implore and encourage you Miss Karla continue to embrace this journey as you are. A big thank you for sharing such personal and wonderful moments with us, its a blessing.

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live”



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