Family Roles - Part One

December 22, 2018

In every family, people fill different roles. My family have always been there when needed and our new situation has caused them all to step up and take on new roles and responsibilities. I wanted to highlight some of them as an additional way of acknowledging them and all that they do.

Al - The Chief Organizer

White boards, medicine books and planners, oh my! Al is the most organized of all of us and keeps everything straight. I would literally be lost without him.

Nancy (Mom) - The Food Coordinator

Mom has taken over as head chef and what she says goes. She has me on a diet with special food throughout the kitchen that is only for me (no one else can touch it!)

Diane + Dave

No one can offer support like a sister and I have a couple great ones. I have stolen her husband Dave as my secretary to take notes during my appointments and he has been running errands and keeping me company since the beginning of all of this. I cannot thank them enough for everything that they do.



My glorious leg and foot massager and friend. Thank you! THANK YOU!!

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