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Friends and Family Coming Together

November 16, 2018

Friends and Family Coming Together

I am always looking for the good that has come out of this cancer. One of the amazing things to happen is that it has brought me closer and back into touch with so many people within my circle of friends and family. We have days where the room is full.

I am so thankful for Al. I can’t say enough about every way that he is supporting me and providing strength and everything that I need.

I love my sisters and everything that they have done. They are running errands, learning about this disease, finding support services, coming over for sleepovers, WHATEVER! And throughout it all, we are still the same. We can still laugh and make fun and smile.

I can’t wait to get home. Here is a little message I made for my son, Zach. What an amazing kid!

There have been so many messages and gifts and visits that I can’t talk about them all at once. I am going to be sharing so many of the things that you all have sent and I appreciate the words of support and everything that you all are doing so much! It is giving me strength and warming my heart and keeping me going even in the down times.


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