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Going Home

November 27, 2018

Going Home

After spending nearly a month in the hospital, I was able to start November by going home. This was not an easy transition to make. While of course I wanted to get home to my family and dogs, the hospital was a very comforting and healing place for me. I felt a lot of love and support from the staff and knew that they were doing their best to take care of me.

I had a final check up before I was discharged and almost got a perfect score. I was still a little high with my blood pressure. Going home is exciting but I'm nervous too. My house is different. Everything about my life and my family's lives there are different.


Little things have become more exciting - just showing the progress I have made. I had my goodbyes and got to see some more of the hospital as my amazing husband Al wheeled me to the car.



As I left the hospital, I could start thinking of things to come - like our first Christmas in Canada in a few years and starting chemo. Here is a little moment from the drive home:

I am so happy to be home now in my own space with the people I love. This is giving me the strength that I will need to go on to the next step of chemo.

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Maryalice Ashbrook
Maryalice Ashbrook

December 21, 2018

I love you dearly sweetie. Your strength is inspiring me through my difficult stage in life. Know I pray for you constantly

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