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L-I-N-D-A: A Poem of Gratitude

January 09, 2019

L-I-N-D-A: A Poem of Gratitude

Throughout this journey I have been FLOORED by the amount of support I have been given and the people who have gone beyond stepping up to be there for me. One of those amazing people is Linda. She started as a friend of a friend and now is someone I cherish so much.

Here is a little poem to show my thanks!



An angel arose in my own home town.
When I got sick and was truly down
While she had not met me yet
She came to help me without fret.
She made me healing broth of bone
And showed me that I was not alone
Her caring for a stranger was so surreal
That I had to meet this person so unreal.
She even made food for my family
I thought for sure this is an anomaly.
But when we finally got to meet
I thought it was so neat.
I felt I’d known her all my life
And you’d be lucky to have such a wife.
Linda is her name and she is indeed unreal
She gives from the heart and makes me feel,
That with a friend like her on my side
I can beat this cancer ride.

With Love and Gratitude

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