My New Normal

November 14, 2018

My New Normal

When we started the store and website that is now Stand Up Speak Up, one of the things that we were first talking about was “What Is Your Normal?” I have always believed that it is different for everyone and we wanted to show that no matter who you are, you are important and your story and life matters.

I never thought that my life would completely change over night and that I would suddenly have this new definition of normal for myself. While I still have the same family and friends by my side (who I am more thankful for than ever!) my days and the life that I live has completely changed.

I have gained a lot of comfort from my new routines. I love my Booster Juice and my diffuser.

The biggest new normal is that my hospital room has become my home for the last few weeks. Business branding is one of my superpowers and I wanted to bring that into this experience. You can see the t-shirt that helps motivate me. We have created a logo and I am making new shirts in pink, grey and white. You will see them when I start chemo.

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