Stella Jurgen is one artist who enjoys being in the public eye. She does live paintings at various events and has competed in Art Battle events. The talented painter is also founder of 17 Designs, a graphic design and websites company established in 1998. You can check out some of Stella’s work on her Facebook page or website. Read More
An artist from Pakistan, Rija Qutaibah began her journey into artistry when she was 14. Her father didn’t approve of art as a career option, so she got a marketing degree. However, Rija stuck with her dreams and went back to school for an art degree. Today, Rija works as a freelancer and a design for an ad agency. She’s also helping make the world a better place, making designs (like Not For Sale, shown above) for SUSU that tackle difficult topics. Find out more about Rija in our Q&A: Read More
Florina Boldi is a Romanian artist who finds inspiration in various aspects of life, ranging from people, to nature, to film. She truly does what she loves, with all of her jobs relating to the art world. Florina decided to give back to the community by creating some work for SUSU. Check out our Q&A with Florina: Read More
Sarah McVey, aka Spiffy Dame, has had a passion for art since she was a child. She’s teamed up with SUSU to create some unique and meaningful designs. Check out our Q&A with her: Read More
Marika Kraukle (aka Raven) is a Latvian artist whose career was driven by passion. She is inspired by her dreams and “driven by emotions mostly.” She used her artistic talents to give back to teens in need by creating one of our designs (among others, like Sad To Happy Journey pictured above and Addicted to Tech) that focuses on homeless teens- Street Youth. Find out what Raven had to say in her Q&A: Read More
Francesca Elettra Cudignotto is an artist from Vicenza, Italy. She has joined us here at SUSU to create some edgy and mind-opening designs. Here’s our interview Q&A with Elettra: Read More