Creativity Motif

January 23, 2016

Creativity is something that we use throughout the day when we are children.  We imagine ourselves in a different world, create new things using blocks or paper and crayons, or dream about what we are going to be when we grow up.  But, for some people it is more difficult to tap into the world of imagination as an adult. This design by Jill Henrichsen is about finding that sense of wonder and magic that you have inside of you and allowing it to take you to places you might not have even dreamed of before.  Creating is one of the best things that we can do with our time on the planet - whether you are creating a story, something that can help us live better lives, or new life and memories with your family.  Celebrate the wonder of creativity with this design which is part of our One Word Collection. What do you think of this design?  What images and thoughts does it conjure up in you and how does it help show the world who you are?  Add to the conversation by commenting below.

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