Music Brings Smiles

The mouth is an amazing thing. With it, we can smile, beguile, and even cringe. In this beautiful design you see all smiles and feel pleasantly mesmerized as you start to hear the sweet melodies of your favorite song playing in your head. You can almost visualize the notes of the instruments floating softly through the air around you. Music has the power to heal, inspire, and connect us all to each other. Notes are the same throughout the world and music is something that has been present in every culture on every corner of the planet throughout history. If you are looking for some comfort, focus on this design by Spanish artist Encarna Dorado, and listen to music that makes you feel your best. What do you think of this design? What images and thoughts does it conjure up in you and how does it help show the world who you are? Add to the conversation by commenting below.



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