Inside The Mind Of: Our Fearless Leader

Inside The Mind Of: Our Fearless Leader

September 13, 2018

First and foremost, what we are interested in and what we care about here at Stand Up Speak Up is real people.  We believe that everyone should have the confidence to show off what makes them awesome and unique and with that will come the strength that we all need to get through our more difficult days and to reach our furthest goals.

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The I See You Care Kit comes equipped with three organic personal care products, each with their own distinctive purpose. The Moisturizing Hand Cleanser, to stay bacteria free and of course, silky smooth. The Quick Calm Inhaler, to reduce symptoms of acute, or in this climate, situational stress. The Headache Help, for fast and effective relief from headache pain caused by (most likely) our current pandemic. All three come together to form a powerful anxiety-fighting force that will keep you and your loved ones clean, calm, and clear.

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