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The Abuse, Harassment & Human Exploitation Collection

Millions of people experience physical, sexual and emotional abuse on a daily basis. This is commonly a crime that goes unseen and sometimes perpetrators are those closest to their victims. Abuse and harassment are difficult to combat against, as victims can face backlash or feel shame when coming forward and can expose themselves to an enormous amount of scrutiny if they choose to seek justice. We need to do a better job of supporting and believing those who come forward with stories of abuse and create spaces where people feel comfortable talking about this topic.

Currently in our world, the most lucrative and highest growing form of trafficking is that of human beings. Millions of people live in some form of slavery throughout the world, with many working in factories, in personal residences and in the sex trade. The pornography and sex trade is especially rampant with cases of exploitation, abuse and trafficking and we need to take this topic out of the shadows and remove its label of being "taboo" if we are going to have a chance of exposing the criminals behind it and protect its victims. No one should be for sale. Not for any price. Not for any purpose.

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