Go To Detox - Men's Cotton Tee

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  • High quality
  • 90% cotton
  • 10% spandex
  • Short sleeve
  • Round neck
  • High performance printing
  • Machine washable


  • Order a size smaller for a more fitted look
  • Comfortable and casual design
  • Great for active wear or everyday wear

    When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, it’s difficult to be objective and admit you have a problem. But once you do, you’re already on the path to recovery.

    The next step is to decide how to get sober.

    This can be confusing if you’re questioning whether your addiction is severe enough to require rehab.

    According to SAMHSA’s 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 10 percent of those struggling with substance dependence or abuse received treatment.

    Many people decide to forego treatment because they haven’t hit rock bottom or they simply don’t think their problem is bad enough. The truth of the matter is: if you’re questioning whether or not you need help getting sober, you likely do. 

    Understanding the Severity of Your Addiction

    If your life and relationships are being negatively affected by your substance use, you probably have an addiction. Addiction is diagnosed on a spectrum. The criteria for addiction can help you determine if your addiction is mild, moderate or severe. There is a total of eleven criteria, including:

    • Lack of control
    • Desire to quit but unable
    • Spending a lot of time trying to get the substance
    • Cravings
    • Lack of responsibility
    • Problems with relationships
    • Loss of interest
    • Dangerous use
    • Worsening situations
    • Tolerance
    • Withdrawal

    The severity is determined by how many criteria you meet. For example, if two to three of the criteria apply to you, you would have a mild substance use disorder. But even if you have a mild diagnosis, you should still seek help to get sober.

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