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Artist: Andreea Dumuta

The subjects of the illustrations Andreea made for Stand Up Speak Up are inspired by her own personal struggles. She explains:

Last year, I went through some personal issues that completely changed me as a person and threw me into a huge episode of depression, during which I wasn't able to sleep well, go out with my friends or make art. As I felt my own self slipping away from me, my creativity, confidence, will to live, I felt utterly broken. That is, until I decided this is not a path I was willing to go down.

I then turned to the thing that has always been my shelter: my art. To me, personally,  art is what has pushed me forward when I was stuck. I was able to take my negative emotions and put them into my creations. I ultimately grew as a person through and from my pain. I've relearned to love myself, be proud of my achievements and accept my flaws and imperfections as a human being.


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