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Artist: Ashley Munson

Ashley Munson is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Southern California. Ever since she was young, art has been her path. From jewelry making to custom shoe art, she has explored many creative entrepreneurial paths. Ashley graduated in 2018 from Laguna College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and has built her graphic design business over the past 4 years, specializing in branding, packaging and illustration. Inspired by the 70s, vivid colors and hand drawn details, her work is eclectic and expressive with intentional meaning. Illustration has been a spare time outlet where she has created self-initiated work that is an expression of her perspective of the world and feel good energy.

"My art is an expression of how I see the world. Vivid colors, people, groovy shapes, details and symbols are all a part of my work. I’m one to daydream, letting my mind wander and create abstract compositions that I transfer onto paper to share with the world. Color is a huge part of my love for art. My palette mainly consists of hues of pinks, oranges, electric purples and blues. Psychedellic colors are an inspiration for my imagination, and bring joy to me wherever I see them. Sharing that feeling with others makes me happy."

Instagram: @ashleymunson


About the Designs

“Be Here Now” is a famous book by Ram Daas, who is an American Yogi and Spiritual Teacher. I resonate with this title/quote very much, as it is a subtle reminder to live in the moment, creating a peaceful sense in the mind. During the COVID pandemic, I created this piece — as it reflected how people were forced to reconnect with their loved ones and slow down during quarantine, allowing everyone to be here now — in the moment.

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