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Artist: Cosmo

Cosmo is a French illustrator based in Le Havre. After working in fashion, events and jazz for nearly 10 years she graduated with a bachelor in graphic design from ECV Paris. Her work carries a clear-line comic style with an Art Nouveau and pre-Raphaelist touch. Often representing women, she tries to tackle as many subjects as possible through subliminal messaging and sarcastic bubbles. As she was raised by a historian and music producer father and a colorist mother, specializing in album covers, music posters and researching color schemes became a natural path, although she has clients from various horizons

Cosmo's inspiration changes, depending on her mood. Her signature style focuses on showing women in fierce and sarcastic positions. 

Instagram: @cosmoillustrator


About Her Design:

‘Sisters’ is a piece on sorority. Karla contacted me because she wanted to talk about sisterhood and how women should empower each other through education and kindness. I wanted to show that even though social pressures and sexist bias tend to teach women to compete with one another it’s in fact obvious that they gain more to stand with one another. The balance shows the heart, love, should always be the most important factor when taking a decision. The book, the globe and the game show the importance of education, teaching respect and culture to future generations. The hourglass is a humble symbol for time passing and women changing the world every century. The dove and the dreamcatcher are a symbol of girls helping one another, going towards their duties or their dreams alike…


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