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Artist: Dana Gendler

Cartoons, street art, pop art and surrealist art are her sources of inspiration. You will see she loves using vivid colours because in her eyes it brings an illustration to life and expresses positive emotions. 

Danas mission is to transmit happiness and fun through her art - and one of the causes she is supporting in particular is mental health.  

Instagram: @danadanidandan

About the Designs

As you may have guessed, this illustration series was inspired by thesong last night a DJ saved my life. It brings focus to the little things that bring happiness to our days and nights, which we often take for granted.  This design reminds us to appreciate those things - whether its a pet, affection from a loved one, or as simple as an ice cream. 

Spreading gratitude for what we have has many positive effects - one being a better mental health which is a cause Dana, the artist, wants to support in particular.  Dana is on a mission to uplift those around through her art (and, hopefully, even make them giggle!). 


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