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Artist: Encarna Dorado Cuenca

Encarna Dorado Cuenca (aka Amathathu) was born in Cádiz province, land of light and sea, in southern Spain in Europe. Growing up, she was not interested in traditional studies and found that she always gravitated towards the applied arts instead. As the smallest student, she was often left to feed her own artistic expressions and wanted to learn from all of the chaos of the world. 

Encarna is now trained in drawing, painting, digital illustration and Photoshop. She works as an illustrator, has created images for over a dozen children’s and adult books, and has worked in film and television as a director and makeup artist. She received an award from Junta de Andalucia for Best Youth Magazine as the director of the television program “Minimum Rate”. She has also been a member of the following painting exhibition collections: Collective KROC (Cádiz), Windows (Puerto Real), Barrunto (Art on the Street, Cádiz), and Concentrate Vejer (Vejer).

Dorado means “Gold” in Spanish. Like her namesake, Encarna Dorado has golden dreams of feeling and beauty. These dreams are softly conveyed by her drawings and do more than please the eye, while they also move you in a deep and profound way.

In her own words, “when a creator looks for inspiration often it’s the hardest of moments which look the most beautiful.” Her biggest inspiration, which drives Encarna today, was the birth of her child. On that day she says her “life was full of happiness and (her) desire to create began anew since (she) found that the best way to know the world is through drawing.” From there her inspiration has brought her many opportunities.


Instagram: @amathathu


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