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Artist: Maria Filar

Maria Filar pairs her illustrations with bright colors and quirky hand lettering, exploring themes of anxiety, depression, self-care, and sociopolitical issues in a more approachable way. 

Maria's main focus is on furthering the conversation on mental health, self-confidence, sustainability, and ethical responsibility.

She hopes her work inspires others and brings comfort to those feeling like they’re alone in their struggles.

Give Me Space was created as a response to common feedback I get from others that my facial expressions often make me seem unapproachable. It’s a struggle to match my insides to my outsides sometimes. This illustration explores the reason why I’ve grown to adopt this habit of appearing intimidating and unapproachable, as a sort of self-defense mechanism in response to the years I was bullied as a child.

This is a sort of self-portrait describing the push and pull in the way I present myself to the world. One side says, “stay away” but the deeper part of me says, “Please be brave enough to know me. There’s a whole complex universe inside of me that I want to show you."

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