Our Designs

No one can tell a story better than someone who has lived it. Stand Up Speak Up Apparel wants to help artists tell their stories to help spread advocacy and awareness about the issues they have faced.  We also have artists inspired by others’ accounts of life’s biggest hurdles and want those stories to be heard through art. 

Each of our designs seeks to tell a story, get people’s attention and spark conversation. Our designs are bold and meant to be a statement piece, giving you the confidence and support to speak up about causes you are passionate about and want to talk about.

The I See You Care Kit comes equipped with three organic personal care products, each with their own distinctive purpose. The Moisturizing Hand Cleanser, to stay bacteria free and of course, silky smooth. The Quick Calm Inhaler, to reduce symptoms of acute, or in this climate, situational stress. The Headache Help, for fast and effective relief from headache pain caused by (most likely) our current pandemic. All three come together to form a powerful anxiety-fighting force that will keep you and your loved ones clean, calm, and clear.

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