Our Goal

As of February 2018, we have accomplished more than 1500 Acts of Kindness! 


      SUSU Products (400+ Items)

      • 15 Hoodies to a local GTA homeless shelter
      • 3 T-Shirts to street youth in Toronto
      • 5 Hoodies and 5 Yoga Leggings to street youth in London
      • 5 blankets, 3 Canadian designed recycle bags, 2 Melissa Jean sleeping pillow covers, 1 Melissa Jean designed velvet throw pillow to the RLWYC hospital
      • 5 recycle bags, 5 coaster sets, 1 blanket, 3 pillow cases and 1 shower curtain to the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation Gala
      • 4 shower curtains to the RLWYC 2016 Auction
      • 10 Items to kids at the Ontario Youth Detention Centre to gift to their families
      • 5 Aprons to the Rainbow Guide Apron GIVE AWAY
      • 5 Aprons to individual LGBTQI activists
      • 5 T-Shirts to the Speak Up For A T-Shirt Program
      • 1 Bite me Kimono, 1 Beanie, 1 Scars Healed Through Art Throw Pillow, 1 Bite Me Throw Pillow to the No Longer The Face Foundation
      • 2 Shower Curtains to the 2016 Ladies Luncheon
      • 10 Items to the PTSD fashion show
      • 4 Yoga Leggings and 4 Active T-Shirts to Instagram yoga challenges
      • 100 Winter Scarves were placed around the Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara area for anyone who needed one to take
      • 30 Christmas bags were donated to the 360Kids house containing a Hoodie, T- Shirt, Winter Scarf and a Reusable Bag
      • 2 Hoodies, 2 T-Shirts, 4 Winter scarfs and 2 Reusable Bags to the Polo for Heart event
      • 6 Positivity Pillows for the SAVIS waiting rooms
      • 6 Items to the SAVIS staff, who work so hard and give so much of themselves
      • 12 Pillow Cases to Ontario Youth Detention Centre
      • 1 Shower Curtain, 1 Area Rug and 2 Pillow Cases to the 2015 Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation Gala
      • 1 Area Rug, 2 Pillow Cases and 1 Duvet Cover to the RLWYC 2015 Fundraiser
      • 1 Microsuede Blanket and 2 Pillow Cases to the 2015 Ladies Luncheon
      • 20+ Items to the Redlake Shelter in Kenora
      • 11 Winter Scarves to the Women's Shelter Saakaate House in Kenora

      Outside Products (300+ Donations)

      • Over 50 $5 Tim Hortons Gift Cards to street youth and homeless people in the GTA
      • 1500 bracelets to help spread positivity to Hurricane Irma survivors
      • 1 Book of ambitious loss to the London community (in honour of Shelley Desrochers)
      • 1 Book of ambitious loss to My Sisters’ Place (in honour of Shelley Desrochers)
      • 3 Books of ambitious loss to family of Shelley Desrochers
      • 2 Phone Cards to street youth
      • Scarfs and Gift Cards to the St John's Ambulance volunteer appreciation annually
      • 30 Bags of Toiletries including a pair of socks, a lottery ticket and some chocolate were donated to the 360Kids
      • 9 Books and Pencils for the kids at the Ontario Youth Detention Centre
      • 50 articles of clothing, books, make-up and soccer balls to the kids of Nicaragua
      • 25 Colouring Books and Markers to kids in Mexico

      Cash ($3500)

      SERVICE (100+ Hours)

      • Karla became a SheEO.World activator
      • Zach volunteered at the Youth Mentality Network
      • Karla volunteered at St John's Ambulance

      OTHER INITIATIVES (4 Initiatives)

      • Co-funded 2 billboards to help Find Shelley Desrochers who went missing back in January 2016 from London, Ontario, Canada
      • Launched our Rainbow Guide Apron GIVE AWAY where we give an apron to anyone who works in a restaurant, bar, and cafe and will proudly wear it.
      • Launched our Speak Up For A T-Shirt Program, where we donate t-shirts to people who actively speak up about important issues.
      • Participated in 2 Instagram yoga challenges.


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