We are not a nonprofit. We are a cause-based brand dedicated to spreading awareness.

We give back through our 3000 Acts of Kindness Initiative.

At Stand Up Speak Up, each of our designs was created with a specific cause in mind, with many being created by artists who have first-hand experience advocating for or living through that issue. It is our mission to help our customers to stand out and start conversations about issues that are affecting their own lives, the lives of people that they love or that they have simply heard and feel passionately about. 

We are a brand for the activist inside of you who believes that change is possible. It is our goal that our designs will help people to feel inspired and give them the confidence to have difficult conversations that could lead to positive change. 

The art was created to spark hope, anger, sadness, understanding, fear, togetherness - the full spectrum of the human experience. But mostly, they are meant to spark your own passion and determination to improve the world that you see in front of you.

We are a new and small company. We appreciate every sale.

What do we spend our budget on?

  • 25% goes to our Acts of Kindness Initiative.
  • Finding and paying under represented artists.
  • Product testing to find the highest quality products with the best designs.
  • Paying a fair wage to our small and dedicated team, located throughout the world.

What do we do without?

  • Professional airbrushed photos. We would rather use our money promoting real people in all of their natural beauty with a variety of different looks, sizes and backgrounds.
  • A warehouse and large stock reserves. As we are growing our business, we are using alternative means to get our clothes made and to you. This means that we cannot promise "Amazon-like" two-day shipping. But, we do believe that our products are worth the wait!
  • Expensive ad campaigns. We work very hard to get the word out about our products but we don't want to put thousands of dollars into ads that could go to supporting one of our causes. This is why we are always looking for you to post a selfie, write a blog post or just spread the word about this company if you love our stuff.