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Our Mission

We are not a nonprofit. We are a cause-based apparel line creating designs that advocates can use to start important conversations about change they would like to see in the world.

We seek to...

Support advocates in starting difficult conversations by not only creating statement piece designs but also linking them to key information and resources associated with the issues they focus on.

Create designs that inspire advocates to continue their fight for change and are thought provoking to those that see them. Our designs are meant to both fit your wardrobe and style and stand out when you have something to say.

Partner with not-for-profit and charity initiatives with ambitious goals for change that could use extra attention and support. These are smaller groups that greatly benefit from your contributions.

In our current initiative, 100% of the proceeds of all sales are donated to Child Welfare Political Action Committee. This not-for-profit organization works with government groups, post-secondary institutions and private companies advocating for crown wards and people aging out of the foster care system.

Highlight and hire artists that wish to tell their own stories through their designs or are dedicated allies to a cause. We commission pieces from artists all over the world and seek out contributors who could benefit from additional support and recognition.

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