Speak Up For A T-Shirt

Are you an advocate for human rights? Passionate about LGBTQ equality? If you speak up about mental illness, human trafficking, bullying, domestic abuse, homelessness, LGBTQ equality, or any other human rights issue, we want to help.

With our Speak Up For A T-Shirt Program, we donate t-shirts to people who actively speak up about important issues. Although we’d love to give one to everyone, that's just not possible. If you’re with a group or organization making a difference, we can provide up to 3 tees. Follow the steps below for your free shirt:

  • First, email us at ceo@standupspeakup.ca with a short paragraph about what you do and why you want our advocacy tees. How do you plan to use them?
  • Then, if you’re accepted into the program, you’ll write an open letter about your issue. We’ll publish it on our blog, standupspeakup.ca and you can get the word out about what’s important to you.
  • We’ll ship out your t-shirts
  • You can use them for your advocacy. Share with us a few selfies of yourself in action in the tee, and we’ll share them on our social media platforms.

Together, we can make a difference and Speak Up for those who need help!


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