Tokii Teens at Risk Project

Tokii is always looking to help people find the best in themselves.  We strive to give people the tools and inspiration that they need to achieve their goals and live according to their core values.  The Tokii Teens at Risk Project gives us the opportunity to connect and influence young people who might otherwise not have the resources or guidance that they need to find their own success.  

The Tokii Teens at Risk Project started with our Tokii founder, Karla Stephens-Tolstoy, who has volunteered her time to youth at risk groups for years as a mentor and means of support.  By starting this initiative, we are able to offer more of our own resources to young people who have dealt with substance abuse, abusive home lives, and have been in juvenile detention.  Tokii is always looking for new and innovative ways to help people overcome their challenges and excel in life and there are few people more in need of encouragement and support than these young people.

At Tokii, we believe the empowering people to believe in themselves is the best way of helping them to achieve their goals.  We strive to do that everyday with our app, Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii and our online store, Wearable Therapy.  With Tokii Teens at Risk, we are able to have a more direct connection with young people who are most in need of support.  

10% of the proceeds of every purchase made at Wearable Therapy is put towards funding the Tokii Teens at Risk Project. 

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