Despair 'n Dreams Yoga Capris for Women - Support Survivors Collection

Stand Up Speak Up Apparel


  • 88% polyester
  • 12% spandex
  • Performance wear fabric
  • Compression fit for anti-slip
  • High waist
  • Thick waistband and cover stitched hems
  • Vivid print
  • Will not fade
  • Holds shape after multiple wears
  • EcoPoly fabrics that are environmentally friendly, using less energy and water during manufacturing


  • Waist usually sits just under the belly button
  • Capri-style, ending close to the middle of the calf
  • Flattering and fits comfortably on multiple body types
  • Hugs all the right places
  • Suitable as workout clothes or for a lunch date


  • 100% Canadian made
  • Sweatshop free facility

    This work represents a time when I was climbing out of the depths of my depression, desperately longing for a better life.  I knew that I needed to awaken inside, or I was going to die!  I needed to feel as though I meant something in this world, and was not just another object to be used and tossed aside.

    Despair and Dreams was the first piece of positive artwork I had created in a long time.  I had to stay focused on all the things that I love, and that gave me joy  I realized for the first time that I needed to direct my sight to things in life that did not need me, but those in which I needed.

    I fought through the pain and tears to release my fiery spirit, and to break free.  I desired to be like all those beautiful creatures with wings, to be like a bird in the sky.  I was determined that I was going to be free, and soar high!

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