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Last Night My Doggy Saved My Life Scooped Tee

A dog is often the heart of the home as well as important members of our families. Offering emotional support, love, cuddles and companionship, our four-legged friends can also teach us valuable skills related to adulthood, responsibility and care.

Your doggo comes from a long line of best friends, and it is believed that the first domesticated wolves made pals with humans over 15,000 years ago. Dogs are highly sociable and intelligent, with some dogs having the ability to learn over 100 words and commands. Whether they are providing emotional support or therapy, assisting in agriculture or detecting cancer, working woofers are particularly impressive. 

When you’re feeling depressed or lonely, it can take just one thing to turn things around and a pet definitely does that for millions of people throughout the world. For those who are at risk of feeling isolated, the addition of a dog can lead to a significant positive change. This design highlights how we all need our pillars of comfort and security and the power of dog therapy for many.

This series of designs was inspired by our founder, Karla and the things that she finds the most comfort in as she deals with the pain and anxiety of living with stage four cancer. 

Artist: Dana Gendler

  1. Our canine companions can have a significant benefit on our health and wellbeing, with research to suggest that having a dog is associated with improvements in our physical and mental health. Research has shown that being near your dog can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are nature’s happy hormones. Furthermore, a study in Japan in 2009 discovered that even making eye contact with your dog can raise levels of oxytocin. This is known as the love hormone, and it is the same chemical that is released when looking at your child. (Wiley Online Library)
  2. While most pet owners understand the positivity and comfort that an animal can bring to your life, there are millions of people who require working animals to help keep them alive or that can help them live independently. An influx in people claiming emotional support animals fraudulently has unfortunately made it more difficult for those who need service animals, as untrained animals can be a distraction and a bad experience with an ESA can sully companies and people to all animals, making it more difficult for those with service pets to hail rides, board airplanes or book hotel rooms, to name a few. (The Guardian)
  3. Question: If you could tell your dog something and they could understand fully, what would you say?


  • Combed ringspun cotton/rayon
  • Full-color digital DTG print with a soft hand
  • Sweatshop-free
  • Made in Canada

Female Fit

  • Sits just below the waist on most body types
  • Slim-fit with side seams and longer body length
  • Scooped neck

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