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Lower the Mask Scooped Tee

Carl Jung described your Persona as the social mask that you presented to the world. It is the person that you wish others believed you to be rather than who you really are. 

We all have different reasons for not wanting to present our authentic selves — with shame, fear and prejudice being just a few examples. 

There is an emotional and psychological burden that can come from masking who we are, especially if we feel or believe that others feel that our authentic self is “wrong” in some way. From banning Photoshopped images to creating equal rights for all people, we need to encourage people to not hide elements of themselves that might be marginalized or are difficult for the general public to fully understand. (Medium)

  1. Jung believed that our careers were partially to blame for the creation of Personas. Each career comes with a set of expectations when it comes to personality, skills and even physical image. While we all know that each other is presenting only a version of themselves, we all carry on with this practice, believing that we need these marks to maintain order and balance in the world. (Medium)
  2. The most common reason to take on a Persona or wear a mask is “Imposter’s Syndrome” or the belief that we will be found out. It has been proven that shedding our masks can help us reach our potential, gives us a sense of relief and helps us to emotionally and psychologically heal. (Psychology Today)
Common masks people wear are: The Cool Guy, The Humorist, The Overachiever, The Bully and The People-Pleaser. Do you identify with any of these? (Psych Central)


  • Combed ringspun cotton/rayon
  • Full-color digital DTG print with a soft hand
  • Sweatshop-free
  • Made in Canada

Female Fit

  • Sits just below the waist on most body types
  • Slim-fit with side seams and longer body length
  • Scooped neck

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