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PM2.5 Mask Filters

PM2.5 filters fit inside a specially designed pocket within our silk masks for added protection. These filters are extremely effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, including those associated with COVID-19.
PM2.5 filters are disposable and flat, ensuring they take up much less space than a standard respirator. You can use these filters continuously for 16-24 hours, or for around 1 - 2 weeks of occasional use. 

The shipping & handling cost is $4.99 for 1 pack of 10, additional charges may apply if an order exceeds this amount. If you choose to also buy some tee's along with an anklet or mask the additional shipping fee will be added onto the cost of the tee's, as these products come from different suppliers. 

If you'd like to pick-up your mask, no problem! Contact us to arrange a pick-up time and we'll refund you the shipping costs. We are based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada.

We are subject to standard postal rates, and make no profit from our shipping costs.

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